Software Development

Welcome to Wantro

Wantro is a SAAS development company. SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) is typically described as a method of delivering apps to users over the internet without the requirement for the user to install, maintain and develop the software and associated infrastructure. Wantro Services is a product development company which involves several important stages like generating ideas, idea screening, concept testing, business analysis as well as market analysis, actual development of the product, test marketing and commercialization. Our software development experience of multiple industries has increased our list of applications to include Cloud softwares, ERP, CRM, job portals, real estate portals, autocad applications, large scale ecommerce applications, Business Management Systems and SAAS, IAAS and business products development.

Process automation applications

We do process application in time with no issues.

Branding Strategies

Creative Design

We will understand your business process and advise the best way to automate it, including the right technology mix and the ecosystem. So from automating an employee incentive scheme to automating the complete dealer network evaluation process, we can provide you with the right technical skills and know how to reach your goals on process automation.

Intranet and Extranet Development

We provide support for development.

Project Planning

Dedicated Support

Every large or medium sized organization anywhere on the globe has high numbers of people to manage inside the organization and outside as well. Providing the right information at the right time to these groups of people or users is critical. We have worked with top global brands and helped them create effective intranet and extranet platforms. We are keen to hear from you .

CRM application development Method

We provide CRM Software for your business.



We are customer centric business ourselves and hence understand the importance of listening to your customers and keeping them at the center stage. We have developed CRM platforms for leading food brands which have a very high B2C engagement and feel confident of helping you realize your CRM goals as well.

Custom software development Method

Wantro is specialized in developing software applications.

Content Building

Planning & Strategy

Large business oriented strategic planning software. This particular category is often customized by a company and may consist of multiple elements that can cover a wide range of requirements. Word processing and spreadsheet templates are common in this area. Consolidation is often a critical aspect of this domain with a variety of enterprise software, OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing or multi-dimensional spreadsheets) and databases used. ROLAP combines relational and multi-dimensional capabilities. In recent years, reporting software has gained the label, Business Intelligence or BI software.